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Effectively transitioning employees, whether out of the organization or into new roles within the organization, can be a challenging endeavor. API Partners works with employers to successfully transition employees by providing quality outplacement and career transition services that position employees for career success and enhance the company’s talent engagement brand. Providing an array of customized services and targeted expert consultation, we can address the most complex of transitions to constructively support all involved.


The API Partners Outplacement Group provides an integrated suite of Outplacement Services at both the corporate and individual level. We develop a customized approach to our clients specific requirements.

API Partners works with companies to help facilitate the termination process by providing outplacement services to impacted employees. We assists the former employee with Career Development, Resume Assistance, Interview Technique, Portfolio Review and Guidance and Job Search techniques.

Transfers & Promotions

To facilitate a timely and engaged employee transition and onboarding, we offer multiple resources that help employers communicate changes, retrain talent, prepare employees for new roles, and manage integration within the organization. Our transition programs promote timely assimilation focused on elevating the employee’s confidence, morale, and positive impact within the organization.

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