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The success of each search is built on a depth of mutual communication, understanding, and trust with the outcome of each engagement positively impacted by the quality of true collaboration with our clients. Our consultative and fully engaged executive search fosters synergistic client relationships with the mutual goal of identifying and securing top candidates while addressing key factors that impact long-term success.

We engage each client about their unique business to understand strategic goals, the specific roles and responsibilities needed to meet those goals, and the culture that new employees need to embrace. We customize our approach to identifying potential candidates given specific client requirements and parameters. We evaluate candidates against our client’s defined needs and comparable talent in the market. During each phase of the search, we gather feedback and engage candidates to best determine strengths, expertise, motivations, and expectations to facilitate educated and informed hiring decisions.

Tactical Search

Tactical Search is an active and targeted search process for companies with immediate or imminent specified job openings. Tactical Search is given priority and assigned to a dedicated Project Executive who will commence the search immediately.

Strategic Search

Strategic Search is a proactive search implemented in response to projected job openings or organizational objectives. As requested, we develop a detailed plan for our clients in which we translate our client’s strategic business plan into a strategic talent plan.

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Each search is orchestrated by a Project Executive who will remain the main point of contact from search initiation to completion.
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