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As consultants, we help our clients make better decisions, supporting their most valuable assets, positioning their businesses, and managing their resources. We connect strategy with implementation and deliver successful and proven idea-driven solutions with the objective of improving organizational performance. As organizations grow and develop, we provide the tools necessary to enable future change and success.

The importance of leadership decisions continues to gain momentum as companies grow and elevate themselves through new strategies, different service (and product) offerings, and expansion into new markets and geographies in response to ever changing competitive and market dynamics. We consult with companies working through a broad range of leadership and talent issues.

API Partners works with Buyers and Sellers of Architecture, Engineering, and Design Firms from Marketing Plan development and identification of firms for acquisition or merger to negotiating and closing the deal. API Partners develops a detailed plan including firm valuation, buy-sell mechanisms, talent appraisal, and entity determination.
API Partners evaluates existing business conditions including Company Financials, Valuations, Organizational Diagrams, Employee Evaluations, Tactical and Strategic Plans, Restrictive Covenants, and Ownership Agreements to develop an Ownership and Leadership Transition Plan that addresses multi-dimensional issues affecting long term success.
API Partners develops a Leadership Development Plan that includes Structural Appraisal, implementation of systems for personnel evaluation, professional growth, 360 Evaluation, Structured Mentorship, Leadership Development, Executive Advocacy, and Incentives.
Typically implemented in concert with a Strategic Plan, the Key Personnel Search encompasses identification and screening of candidates through employment negotiations, onboarding, and post hire evaluation.
API Partners works closely with firm leadership in the development of a Tactical and Strategic Plan that includes a thorough organizational analysis and exploration of alternate approaches to pursuing strategic goals. Organizational Strategies are vetted against industry benchmarks and previous engagement metrics to determine appropriate allocation of budgeted resources.
API Partners develops a detailed Strategic Technology Plan inclusive of Hardware and Software Systems Evaluation, Budget Review, Implementation Assistance, Training Strategies, and synergy with overall company Strategic Plan.
API Partners develops a Strategic Marketing Plan inclusive of a current markets image assessment, client evaluations, market research, brand awareness and development, competitive analysis, benchmarking, and evaluation of new market opportunities.
API Partners works with executives, managers, and business leaders wanting to improve their professional skills, job effectiveness, and/or job satisfaction.
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