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Civic + Cultural buildings are integral to our social fabric, symbolizing the aspirations of community and government while enhancing our appreciation of science, history, and the arts. Their successful planning, design, and construction embodies positive governance and enhancement of the institution’s mission. In many cases, iconic designs drive a greater impact – stimulating economic development for the immediate area and region. Our clients have designed some of the world’s leading museums, galleries, libraries, convention centers, theaters, airports, and courthouses while balancing the institutions’ aesthetic, environmental, and economic goals. With an international clientele and an ongoing in-depth dialogue with Civic + Cultural leaders nationally and internationally, API Partners is afforded a unique perspective regarding talent, design, trends, and best practices.

Within the confines of Architecture, Engineering, and Institutional environments, API Partners has completed Tactical and Strategic Talent Acquisition for a complete range of Civic-focused career positions including:

————————— Principal: Civic/Cultural Design
————————— Director of Design
————————— Director of Interiors
————————— Civic Studio Design Leader
————————— Senior Planner
————————— Senior Project Manager
————————— Cultural Design Strategist

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