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Academic institutions provide a foundation for inquiry, innovation, and creativity, requiring environments which foster exploration and advance knowledge. The pace of discovery stimulated by technological advancements necessitates the planning and design of flexible and responsive learning environments that adjust to mono- and multi-disciplinary intellectual interactions and investigations. Our clients are at the forefront of academic design, integrating best practices across synergistic project types with new learning prototypes, technologies, business models, alternative funding methods, and student demographics. The integration of transformative learning methodologies with an institution’s highly collaborative network of intersecting disciplines challenges and invigorates the design process. With an international clientele and an ongoing in-depth dialogue with Academic Design, Facilities & Development leaders nationally and internationally, API Partners is afforded a unique perspective regarding talent, design, trends, and best practices.

Within Architecture, Engineering, Development, and Institutional environments, API Partners has completed Executive Search engagements for a complete range of Education-focused career positions including:

————————— Principal: College + University
————————— Practice Leader: College + University
————————— Director of Interiors: College + University
————————— Studio Leader: College + University
————————— Senior College + University Planner
————————— Project Director
————————— Senior Project Manager
————————— Senior Project Architect
————————— Educational Strategist

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