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API Partners is committed to facilitating and promoting innovative growth through sustainable design and multidisciplinary collaboration within the Architecture, Engineering, Development, Construction, and Design professions. While we’ve pulled ‘Green’ out as a distinct ‘Project Type,’ in reality ‘Green’ or ‘Sustainable Design’ is wholly integrated into most architecture, engineering planning, and design projects. Many design practices, institutions, and corporations have created leadership positions focused on ensuring the successful adherence to tactical and strategic sustainability goals which align with project and organizational objectives. Over the last 20+ years API has developed an extensive network of thought leaders and action-oriented professionals focused on sustainability across all facets of the built environment. With an international clientele and an ongoing in-depth dialogue with Green/Sustainability leaders nationally and internationally, API Partners is afforded a unique perspective regarding talent, design, trends, and best practices.

Within Architecture, Engineering, Development, and Institutional environments, API Partners has completed Executive Search engagements for a complete range of Sustainability-focused career positions including:

————————— VP of Sustainability and Innovation (A/E/C/L/RE)
————————— Director of Sustainability (A/E/C/L/RE)
————————— LEED Accredited Professional (A/E/C/L/RE)
————————— Sustainability Manager (A/E/C/RE)
————————— Sustainability Specialist (A/E/C/L/RE)
————————— Sustainability Analyst (A/E/C/L/RE)
————————— Construction Manager – LEED (E/C/RE)
————————— Mechanical Engineer – Sustainable Buildings (E)

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