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The design and construction of Sports + Entertainment Facilities continues to spur investment and development globally. With an international clientele and an ongoing in-depth dialogue with professionals who manage and design Sports + Entertainment environments nationally and internationally, API Partners is afforded a unique perspective regarding talent, design, trends, and best practices. Whether discussing the effects of Sports Facility Development on Urban Revitalization or the implementation of sustainable design practices within arenas and stadiums, API‘s Consultants provide extensive knowledge and experience that enhances all talent acquisition, career management, and strategic talent planning engagements.

Within the confines of Architecture, Engineering, and Institutional environments, API Partners has completed Tactical and Strategic Talent Acquisition engagements for a complete range of Sports + Entertainment focused career positions including:

————————— Design Principal: Sports Architecture
————————— Studio Director: Sports Architecture
————————— Director of Arena Oversight and Development
————————— Senior Sports Facility Planner
————————— Director of Stadium Planning
————————— Senior Sports Architect

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