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At API Partners, we share our Urban Planning + Design clients’ commitment to creating balance between built and natural systems, supporting the development of an urban fabric that is smarter and more vibrant while providing lasting and impactful solutions to complex societal, economic, social, and environmental challenges. A multidisciplinary approach integrating expertise across urban planning, architecture, landscape, economics, public policy, and culture provides a platform for the development of ideas and solutions that address long-term tactical and strategic issues. With an international clientele and an ongoing in-depth dialogue with Urban Planning + Design leaders nationally and internationally, API Partners is afforded a unique perspective regarding talent, design, trends, and best practices.

Within Urban Planning + Design, Architecture, Landscape, and Institutional environments, API Partners has completed Tactical and Strategic Talent Acquisition for a complete range of Urban Planning, Strategy, and Design focused positions including:

————————— Principal: Urban Design
————————— Director of Urban Design & Planning
————————— Director of Urban Interiors
————————— Urban Planning Studio Leader
————————— Senior Urban Planner
————————— Urban Project Manager
————————— Urban Strategist
————————— Urban Designer / Landscape Architect

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